How Marketing Upgrades Following our Mindshift

Andrei Grigoriev
5 min readMay 8, 2021

People (younger marketeers, clients, some of management teams when they are back from spiritual retreats) require different marketing. They are thirsty for different approaches. And it’s not yet ‘Teal’ that Frederic Laloux wrote and spoke about some years ago. It’s often still TOO far to go and incomprehensible. Although it does exist and does work. I’ll close the story by mentioning this again (what’s next?).

Today we speak about the Shift from Product Oriented to Client Oriented paradigm. Again, it’s a paradigm shift. It’s not better or worse, nor right or wrong. It’s just different view of the world that brings different everything.. toolset, attitude, marketing components.. Price, role of Promotion etc.

Let’s look at all those components we now consider as essential parts of marketing.

Client is not anymore as abstract set of socio demographics and psycho segments. Although in everyday campaign design it may still be so. But we dive deeper into a Breathing Human Being with a beating heart, not only with obsessions but with other emotions and sincere passion. Even if we have to invent the client, we still connect to her/his human side and not only hear but sense above all.

Price is not just a cost+margin. Nor just a merely economic term. It’s the way for the client to understand the real value of a product/service. It’s also an opportunity to help client invest into her-/himself.

Funnel as a metaphor does not anymore address the complexity of connections with client and has to be upgraded. Here comes the Trust Spiral that reflects the ever lasting development of relationships with the client and, if necessary, other stakeholders. It includes stages before the purchase and continues into re-purchase.

Promotion is not anymore a way to Push but more to give access, to arrange Pull. Quoting Kevin Kelly, “To make a living as XXX you need only thousands of true fans. A true fan is defined as a fan that will buy anything you produce.” Promotion is help your fans find you.

There are more effective (read faster and precise) ways to read insights that fuel strategic decisions. For that we add body and emotional intelligence. If this worked for thousands of our students and clients it will work for you as well.

No-one knows your business better than you. Building a strategy works out way more precise and effective when it’s crafted by employees and other people around you who are immersed into the daily routine of that business. And we arrange the setting so that they can express their feelings not just rational calculations. It still works better than when you hire even the smartest and most certified consultant from the outside.

Often spending 4–6 months to research and develop something is an unaffordable luxury. Even if you have an unlimited source of financing. Things change simply too fast. Strategy often is required tomorrow, next week, two at most. It is possible if you receive your answers here, right in the moment.

These days strategy can not rely just on researching the customer. Even if you added advanced trend hunting, still not enough. You have to include interest and expectations of various stakeholders (those influenced by and who influence what you do; do not confuse with SHAREholders). You can choose, say, three most important and work with them. It’s way more productive and insightful than just ‘the client’.

We have already developed a tool to work with a new basic component of marketing − the social-communal benefit (which goes on top of rational and emotional, suggested by McKinsey early 2020), that is proved to contribute 25% to consumer decision.

I make one step back to see where we’ve come from. It’s building a basic order, often autoritarian. And it’s still relevant today event in most innovative startups − you got to start from yourself and it’s a basic rhythm and routine first. And only then you move on to efficiency and innovation. But the real difference in what I saw in organisations, in marketing 20 years ago, they all could not really move further..

And there is more to come. We are on the way to expand further. Our children already display the sign of that — they have capacity to include more, particularly the natural life, into their awareness. So marketing will evolve further (if the word marketing will retain its relevance) and we already experiment with newer tools and approaches, in fact with every concept outlined above to be compatible with this newer paradigm − the capacity to include the whole eco-system into your decisions.

When I say “Evolution of marketing” I mean that it’s already happening, it’s inevitable. And if you don’t follow.. That’s the law of evolution, you know, like it or not.

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Andrei Grigoriev

Founder of terraSCOPE − strategic consulting, SHAGI [] back to feet after spine injury, earlier (disappointed) marketing executive